Friday, October 16, 2009

A Big Boy Bed and a Molar

I am excited to report that for 1 week Shane has been sleeping in a Big Boy Bed! 
Last weekend we decided he was ready to try a Toddler Bed...We were right. Shane has done great. He fell out once the first night at 4 am. By the time we got to his room to check on him he had already crawled back into bed.  So Smart and growing up so fast!

Oh and his bed is adorable. We painted it red to match a cowboy theme room we plan to give him in our new house in Arizona.

Another exciting announcement Shane is getting his first molar. The only thing he has been behind on is his teeth. They have all come in so far after the Norm.  Well Yesterday he was fussy and warm so I checked his mouth and on his left side bottom gum is a big hard bump. I expect a molar any day now.  If you can't tell I am excited because I know this will help him chew better and allow him more variety of foods. Shane is not so thrilled but who can blame him. 

Check back as I plan to post pictures this weekend.

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