Friday, November 13, 2009

What a week

Everyone but my dad and Shane have been sick this week. I believe its the weather.  Phil had to take a sick day yesterday and half of one today.  On the up side Shane saw his new doctor today and Phil was able to go.  Shane is maintaining growth of weight, height and head. She is pleased and was extremely impressed with how social he was and how well he talked.  We have a smart boy on our hands and a boy he is climbing on everything and the energy he has is unreal. We do have to keep him on prevacid until further notice as he is still vomiting to much. She told us ideally he should have been better by a year old but she has patients who are severe like Shane that are 5 and 6 and still vomiting.  We are hoping to get the ok in the future to wean him off the prevacid (as we don't want him to become dependent on them) but right now he is not ready. 

We are very happy he is a growing happy toddler and believe me he is a joy to be around.
He has Personality +   :)

We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays !!

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  1. He sure is a very smart boy! I could see him easily skipping a grade. I mean he already sings his abc's and he speaks so well! Looking forward to some more shooting with you and Phil and Shane as the snowflakes start to fall and glisten.

    LOVE YOU !!