Tuesday, January 31, 2012

KidsExclusive.com a great new deals site

I was super excited to learn about a great new deals site KidsExclusive.com.

KidsExclusive.com is a mom-friendly deal site featuring heavily discounted designer fashions for girls and boys ages 0-9.

Check out these adorable designer pants

I love this site because it allows me to get clothing for Shane that is designer but at such a good price.

What makes KidsExclusive.com so much better than other deal sites is they offer

Better deals than available through competitors
One, low shipping fee
Returns allowed for store credit (YES!)
5-day delivery vs. the typical deal site 3-4 week wait

It's really nice to know that the items I order will arrive with 5 day delivery.

Check them out HERE to see there current and upcoming deals.


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