Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear SO and SO

Dear God
Thank you for blessing us with another baby. We are so grateful and look forward to becoming a family of 4 in September.

Dear The girl who comments nonstop on Facebook posts
I have to laugh every time I read your comments. Are you too stupid to notice that almost all your comments are ignored? you think your buddy buddy with certain people but the truth is YOUR NOT. Take a Hint.

Dear Hubby
I have yet to have a shamrock shake this year. I repeat I am pregnant and yet to have a Shamrock shake. Please bring one home soon.

Dear you know who you are

I wouldn't go around bragging how perfect your parenting is and how it is so essential to use organic products only. If that is the case then how come your kid is allergic to everything? There is obviously something wrong if your kid can't eat tomatoes, eggs and nuts etc. I guess I wasn't the one with the "sickly son" after all.

Dear Sonoline B

Thank you so much for making an amazing baby Doppler. It has been such a comfort to hear baby's heartbeat in between appointments.

Dear Mother Nature

I really enjoyed the temps in the 60's yesterday. Please continue to give us nice warm weather.


  1. I have been LOVING the warm weather!! I have never tried a shamrock shake but I'm thinking this year may be the year!

  2. I totally almost got a shamrock shake last weekend! It's on my list for tomorrow!

  3. Too bad they only sell them for a few weeks a year...They are awesome :)

  4. congrat on the new one and hope you all in joy the new love you have with the little one do you knwo what the baby is yet girl or boy

  5. Desi I will find out in a month or so but Hubby wants to be surprised so I will be keeping it a secret till the baby is born.

  6. loved the post... :)