Monday, May 7, 2012

An Update

The other night there was a Super moon. I had been pretty excited to photograph it but was disappointed at the massive cloud cover we had here that night.
After waiting several hours I was able to get a couple of shots of it peeking through the clouds.

Here is one of my favorites
Speaking of super we had a super weekend. Phil and I made a late night run to Meijer that was a lot of fun. We also did some shopping and of course had some relaxation time.

Baby is doing good. We are very thankful that I have made it to 22 weeks.

 we have decided on names. If I have a girl it will be Sarah and if I have a boy it will be Michael. ROTFL (anyone that knows me knows those are the last 2 names I would name my child)

 I actually just read an article on yahoo on baby names and had to laugh and agree. The article said certain baby names like Michael were boring.

 I have always preferred the more uncommon names. We have 2 uncommon names (one boy and one girl) picked out for this baby. I am not going to reveal the names but I will say our boy name begins with an S and our girl name begins with a J.

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  1. beautiful pic..happy Super Moon Month to you!!
    your baby's name will be perfect..uncommon names rock! :)