Sunday, September 9, 2012

Medela Breast Pumps

After doing my own research I found that medela is the best company to help with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be complicated. Sometimes you need to get an oversupply of milk out and other times you need help stimulating your breasts to provide more milk. There are also times when a breastfeeding mom needs someone else to feed baby.

A breastpump can help with these issues. If you plan to pump often an electric pump would be your best option but if you just need to pump on occasion Medela makes a great manual pump called the Medela Harmony.
"The Medela Harmony Breastpump provides helpful technology in an easy-to-use pump. This manual pump is intended for occasional use and offers a lightweight, portable pumping solution. The SoftFit breastshield generates massaging comfort while you pump. You'll create more milk in less time with the pump's 2-Phase Expression technology. All parts of the pump that come in contact with breast milk are BPA free."

The Harmony model can be upgraded to electric use with the Symphony or Lactina pumps and a conversion kit.

 This pump comes with a SoftFit breastshield, 5 oz. breast milk bottles (2), bottle stand, 2 solid lips, travel cap, breastfeeding information guide and instruction manual.

 If you are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed make sure you check out this pump. You will not be disappointed. It retails for around $39.99 a great deal!

“I was given The Medela Harmony Breastpump by Medela for my review. I was allowed to keep the product, but the opinion I am sharing remains my own.”


  1. I have this pump. I like it and it is great to travel with. I just wish I also had an electric pump or conversion kit because using a manual one gets old when it isn't just on occasion

  2. Researching to get a good pump that is certainly the most appropriate, a mom really wants to get maximum satisfaction towards the usability, safety, hygiene, usability, better and faster milk production, efficiency and also the comfort.