Thursday, November 1, 2012

HGG 2012 Master Lock Dial Speed

Master Lock Dial Speed is a great new product out from Master Lock.

 PLEASE NOTE that this lock is for INDOOR USE only. Do not allow lock to get wet

 It features
 -Electronic directional interface offers speed, ease of use, & multiple personalized codes -Organize and protect personal and valuable information with secure, convenient, digital storage at the Master Lock Vault -Vault enabled - permanent Backup Master Code at Never Forget Your Combination Again!
 -Comes with resettable Primary Code & option for 3 additional Guest Codes
-Ready to use – includes installed, replaceable CR2032 battery for 5 years of life 2-1/16" (51mm) wide metal body can be opened one-handed without looking
 -Maximum security with anti-shim technology
 -Boron carbide shackle for increased cut resistance

Best Used For: School, Employee, & Athletic Lockers Cabinets Indoor Storage Lockers
My husband loves this lock. It keeps all of his personal items secure at work. As forgetful as he is this is a perfect fit for him.  If he happens to forget his code he can access the Backup Master Code via  He says this lock is easy to use and he feels his items are much more secure. Plus it looks cool on his work locker.

The Master Lock Dial Speed would make a fantastic stocking stuffer this year.  You can purchase it HERE for $24.99

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