Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wholesale Costume Club...Costumes for all ages

My son's at the age where he likes to dress up and pretend to be superheros and his other favorite characters.  It's so neat to watch him pretend to fly around the house and save the world from bad guys. It makes it even more cute when he is dressed up like a super hero.

Lately his new favorite thing is Super Mario and he seriously is obsessed. So I wanted him to have a costume to pretend he is Mario.  Wholesale Costume Club was kind enough to send us one to review.

I was extremely impressed with Wholesale Costume Club.  They offer costumes at very reasonable prices for all ages.  If you become a member for $5 a year you get even lower prices. A must for a mom like me who plans on purchasing several costumes for play or even a mom who has more than one child and needs Halloween costumes.

The Child Deluxe Super Mario Bros Mario Costume sent to Shane was Great.  It fit him perfectly. The only small issue was the gloves were a bit big for his hands but I don't see him wanting to keep them on so it wasn't a major issue. They costume is a lightweight material with Velcro closure for easy removal.  It also included a Mario hat, mustache, gloves and a blow up belly.  Perfect to transform him into Mario.

Here he is in his costume minus the mustache :)