Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Old El Paso Stand 'N Stuff event

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I was so excited to learn about and try the new Old El Paso® Stand ‘N Stuff® Soft Flour Tortillas and Mexican Cooking Sauces. 

Introducing Stand ‘N Stuff® Soft Flour Tortillas and Mexican Cooking Sauces 
two new products from Old El Paso® that add fun, versatility and convenience 
to your dinner routine.

Stand ‘N Stuff® Tortillas are so easy to fill, hold, and eat 
that your kids might even leave less food on the floor!

Stand 'N Stuff® Tortillas make it even more fun to spoon
 in your favorite fillings.

New Mexican Cooking Sauces bring you complex Mexican flavor that 
would take days to make from scratch, delivered simply via roasted 
vegetables and traditional Mexican spices. 
These versatile cooking sauces taste great with your favorite meats 
or veggies, and are perfect for traditional Mexican meals or for adding
 a Mexican flare to other recipes.
The Stand ‘N Stuff® Soft Flour Tortillas are our favorite.  The make making tacos so much easier.  They are fun to fill and create less mess that traditional tortillas.  The new sauces help change things up in such a good way. our family really likes the roasted tomato. Its gives or dishes that little extra to take it from good to super yummy :) 

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