Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's 1:30 am Christmas and I am so very excited for Shane to wake up and open his presents. Phil and I are so blessed to have Shane here and doing so well health wise. Last year at this time we were waiting to see the specialist in hopes he could prevent Shane from needing a feeding tube and this year Shane has progressed well with Prevacid and lots of healthy organic foods. Shane is now in the 50th percentile in all areas. He is also ready to potty train and we will begin that journey New Years Day.

We wanted to say thank you to all the people who have made Shane's Christmas so special. Especially our friends as some of you have been more kind than some of Shane's own "family". We appreciate all the cards and gift people have given Shane this Christmas.  We also appreciate all the support you have given us through out the year. All the phone calls and e-mail to check up on Shane and even visits to see him.  He is so lucky to have such wonderful loving people in his life. More importantly Phil and I are so Proud of the fact that Shane has his Mother and Father who are setting a wonderful example for him, Love him more than anything and make sure to show him and tell him everyday. No gift in the world is better than that.  Phil and I both understand that, as although our situations growing up were completely different, ( Mine a death of a parent, His a divorce) we have experienced first hand the consequences of not having both parents around all the time and have vowed to make sure Shane does not have that same experience. At least by our choice as a tragedy can't always be prevented.

So Today is Christmas and we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

The Ethertons


  1. Merry Christmas we love you all! Shane has the best Christmas present any child could ask for and that is amazing parents, no wonder is so smart and way ahead for his age. Can't wait for him to open his present from Uncle and Auntie Smith aka his loving godparents ...he is going to love it and the story that goes with it ... XOXO's!!

    Amazing how far he has come along his last year and his medical issue. He is one healthy handsome boy!

  2. We love you too! See you verry soon =) Can't wait to see pics!!