Friday, December 11, 2009

A Very Special Photo Friday

Today is this Person's Birthday

Yes, My Husband Phil is 31 today!  Happy Birthday To the most wonderful Man I know. 

Phil and I met when he was almost 27 and I knew I wanted to grow old with him. Well Phil my wish is coming true, your growing old and I'm with you. (J/K)

But on a serious note I hope you 31st year is a great year full of Love, Laughter and Fun. 


  1. happy birthday Phil !! You have an amazing wife who just loves you so much! We will see you on Sunday =)

  2. Bring on the Veiride ....that was so much fun ....I have so many more bottles of it left too have to try the peach flavor that one is handsdown the best.

    I have tons of vacation days even if we do go on the Alaskan cruise which I will only need 3-4 vacation days to be off for the whole week AND I am only using a few in January/February so there should be no issue with me on the roadtrip ...I don't really need to hold onto the days until 2011 so I can roll those over into 2012 but even technically then I will be fine on longterm disability. So no worries plenty of days =)Just give me the best advance notice you can and we will work with it.