Thursday, August 12, 2010


There is a brand new place by my house called BOUNCE HOUSE! It is my new favorite place. For 10 dollars shane can get in and bounce for 1 and 1/2 hours. Parents get in free and they even have a video game area which is free.

We went tonight with my BFF and her nieces that are here from Poland. We had a blast!
We will be going back often. Very Often...LOL

Shane is so independent and growing up so fast.

I was super excited that they are open till 8pm so Phil could join us after work.
It's Great to have all these family times and videos to look back on.


  1. We have a place called the Bouce Barn that has those inflatable slides too. My little two year-old had fun doing the smaller slides...he's still not sure about the big ones yet. It looks like you had so much fun!

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  3. That was such a great idea you had for tonight! We all had so much fun =) The girls adore Shane so much and he is independent for a child his age. I am still amazed that he climbed those steps so fast and by himself and to top it off went down the huge slide all alone. Wow....looks like roller coasters might be next for him when he reaches that age =)

    Looking forward to it again very soon =)

    Lot's of Love

  4. We have a Bounce Depot.
    One of the grand daughter's birthday parties was there.
    Oh such much fun!

  5. Wow..what a BLAST!!! I'm pretty sure there is one near me too...I need to get my boys there.

  6. That is QUITE an experience. I wish those had been around when I was a kid. I have no children, but I am glad to hear such things do exist for when I do have them.

    Also, found you on Follow Me, Chickadee... Have a fabulous weekend!

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  8. We have a Bounce House near us too. My little one isn't big enough for it yet but I am so looking forward to it! She LOVES to bounce...on things or just standing still, just loves to bounce!