Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Shane,
Please start taking your naps again. I don't know what has been making you so hyper this week that you have been running around and playing in your room instead of napping. It's better for you and for mommy if you nap.

Dear who ever is supposed to buy our house,

Wherever you are we have been waiting for you for a year. Please contact our agent and walk through our house. This way you can make and offer and buy it and we can get out of here and move on with our lives. Thank You

Dear God
we appreciate the recent opportunity you have given us and we are asking that you help it turn into a bigger opportunity that we have been wanting. We know you have a plan for us and we love and trust you but really hope this will be what we have needed and wanted.

Dear you know who you are,
I had to laugh when I read an article the other day and it totally reminded me of you. this part specifically
"Many couples make the mistake of playing house with one another. The man asks for his girlfriend to move in and they pretend as if they are married. She cooks, cleans, and she accepts the fact that he hasn't placed a ring on her finger. These types of relationships usually end up in destruction. When a woman is willing to play house with a man she allows him to have the luxury of married life with out the commitment and the luxury to still have a single life with in house lovin'. Some women want to feel loved so badly that they are willing to play house with a man. After many many years the man still will not pop the question and the woman still waits for the day when he is going to. He should desire your presence. He may want you around all the time, but without the marriage commitment he understands that the relationship may fail."

You sit there and talk on social media sites about how much this guy loves you and how perfect he is yet we all laugh and know that its BS. If he loves you he would have made a commitment and married you. Don't you think you have been "playing house" long enough? He is just stringing you along and can walk out on you anyday and leave you with nothing. He has no obligation to you and your to STUPID to see it. Plus what kind of example are you setting for your kid? FYI: We all laugh and call you a FOOL.


  1. Well...I have to disagree with the playing house = usually ending in destruction. Husband and I lived together for 4 years before we were married. We'll have been together 13 years in a little over a month. We simply weren't in a place to get married, but were as committed to each other as if we had been. We may be the exception rather than the rule, I'm just not a fan of the logic.

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  3. I think its different if you were engaged and had to wait due to financial reasons or one party wanted to wait till they graduated college. This is not the case with the person I am speaking of!

  4. What amazes me is women who put up with men cheating and vice versa. Talk about low self esteem!

  5. Visiting from NNF... I think this post is hilarious. Can I send the letter to the person who's supposed to buy my house :)

    Tracey @ Inspire Me Photography