Wednesday, March 20, 2013

VaccUFlex...A must have for your current vaccum

Having a baby in the house makes me want to keep my house extra clean. I can't stand dust and sometimes my vacuum cleaner cant reach places I need it to in order to pick up dust. For example, my current vacuum alone couldn't get into the grooves of the air return vents, in my dryer vent or in between my cabinet and fridge.

I have found an awesome solution VaccUFlex. An attachment kit for both canister and wet vacs that helps get where no vacuum could before.

 Check out this short video to see what the VaccUFlex can do This has been a life saver in my house.

Not only that but my husband who is a Collision Estimator has borrowed it to get glass from inside cars when they are towed in from accidents. He said customers used to complain of glass between the seat and center consul. The vacuum in the body shop couldn't fit to remove glass from tight areas like that but now he can get that cleaned up using the VaccUFlex.

This is seriously a must have in every house.  For $14.95 plus shipping, You can do everything from unclog a toilet, to save a ring that has fallen down a drain to get clean hard to reach places such as inside toasters, and tight spaces in cars. Plus it inflates and deflates items.  

You can learn more about VaccUFlex and purchase one on their website

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