Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great start to the Holiday Weekend !

We are having a fantastic Holiday weekend so far. Hope you all are as well. Yesterday Phil and I enjoyed taking Shane swimming in the pool in our backyard. He loves the water. It was a nice quiet family night. Today we went to Shane's friend Zach's Birthday Party. They had a bounce house water slide, a swing set and sandbox. Shane just had a blast. Here he is playing with his friends enjoying the water slide.

He had so much fun he almost passed out on Daddy while Zach was opening his presents. Lucky I had the camera to catch this it was too cute. I love the father son bond they have :)


  1. thank you for following!

    your blog is a complete gem.

    i am so glad that i am here.


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  3. Love the pics Laura!! The one with him on Phil's lap is my favorite =) Looks like you had so much fun and I can just imagine the bundles of energy! Can't wait to go in the pool with you and Shane next time I come over! Have a great rest of the holiday weekend and I will see you soon =)

    P.S. When you take him to Disney ...Blizzard Beach has all the fun waterslides and such sure to check it out =)

    Love You!