Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Names Help

As most of you know we are trying for baby #2 which means a lot of our time is spent looking at Baby Names. With our first we had a girl name picked out and agreed upon form before I was pregnant but we had a very difficult time with boy names. Of course I ended up with a boy.

I really liked Irish names and the meaning of Shane's name (a gift from God) was so perfect. It took hubby a while to like Shane but it eventually grew on him.

We have spent several hours discussing names for our future child(ren). We still love that girl name that we were going to use if Shane was a girl but have been searching for boy baby name ideas.

We just can't agree on boy names yet we both like the same girl names. I think part of it is I like very uncommon names and he likes a little more traditional names.

what are your favorite Baby Names?


  1. I went through this with my first baby. I said to myself I was having a girl and that was that. I refused to think about boy names. Then came the ultrasound and my baby just had to let me know he was a boy. I had no clue what to name him. Finally we decided on Aiden. A cute name that seems to be gaining popularity though. The meaning of Aiden is little fire, so maybe its not a good

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