Friday, July 15, 2011

In need of new exercise equipment

So our treadmill is on its last leg. We have gotten some really good use out of it but its definitely time to replace it and get some new exercise equipment. Since hubby and I have a difficult time sharing anyways I have been looking at both treadmills and exercise bikes. I figured that if we get one of each there will be no fighting and we will be able to work out together which will be really nice and motivating.

I really love many of the features my current treadmill has. It has a nice incline, measures pulse, calories burned and distance. It also folds up really nice to make room when we are not using it. One of the features it doesn't have that I would really like in our new treadmill is an mp3 jack and speakers. I really enjoy listening to music when I workout and It would be great to be able to connect my ipod to the treadmill.

I found this BH Fitness one on clearance that looks like it has everything we are looking for and is very similar to our current one.

As for a new exercise bike after some research I keep coming back to this recumbent exercise bike by Stamina Magnetic Fusion.

I have never owned an exercise bike before and the choices have been quite overwhelming. I think I might go to our local gym and talk to a few of the trainers there to get their opinion on if the Stamina Magnetic Fusion would be a good option for us or not. It is just one of those decisions that I need help with by someone who has some experience with exercise equipment.


  1. I wish we had room for a treadmill, so much easier to run inside in the summer! New follower from the friday hop, have a great weekend! You can find me at

  2. I need a treadmill that can fold down to fit to four inches so I can slide it under my couch, no space in this apartment otherwise!

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