Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Denizen Jeans Review

Levis have been around forever but they just recently brought dENiZEN by Levis’s to Target stores throughout the United States. Denizen are a modern twist to the original Levis.

I was so excited to get a pair because Levis is a trusted name that ensures quality design, fit and durability and when you add modern design and style you have the perfect jeans.

Denizen has styles available for men, women and kids. I was sent a pair for Shane! we were sent the boys dark wash straight leg. They retail for $17.99.

The jeans are the high quality I expected and are very stylish. I love the way Shane looks in them even thought they are a bit long. I did request a size bigger as we already had clothes for his current size. I cant wait for him to grow into them. I know he will wear them all the time.

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