Monday, November 28, 2011

Photographer Must Have LemonDrop Stop Backdrops and floordrops

LemonDrop sells backdrops and floordrops in High quality canvas, vinyl canvas blend and polypaper.

Jessica the Founder, LemonDrop Stop is a photographer who started LemonDrop Stop because she had a hard time finding backdrops and floor drops online.

They offer the cutest designs and there are so many options.

I was super excited to be given the opportunity to review the Trellis Grey polypaper backdrop. This is a high quality backdrop for a very reasonable price. The polypaper drops are $50 plus shipping. It is 60 inches by 5 feet but can be ordered bigger for a small additional fee.

I already have several drops on my wish list for this holiday

Including these 2

Urban door

and Faded Harlequin Rosy

Another great thing LemonDrop stop offers is a Reward program so you can earn free Backdrops/floordrops

LemonDrop Stop™ Rewards

Here's how it works:

You earn Reward points every time you purchase backdrops from LemonDrop Stop™.
Earn reward points on everything you buy from LemonDrop Stop™ *.

For every $10 you spend, you earn one Reward point.

for example (but not limited to these examples),

Earn 50 Reward points and you receive a free 5' Polypaper backdrop on your next order.

Earn 75 Reward points and you receive a free 5' VinylCanvas backdrop on your next order.

Earn 150 Reward points and you receive a free 5' Canvas backdrop on your next order.

(Each Reward point has a $1 cash value on the LemonDrop Stop™ website.

Check out Lemondrop Stop HERE
Check out Their Facebook HERE

Their backdrops and floor drops are the Perfect gift for the photographer in your life this Holiday season

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