Monday, February 15, 2010

Get to know me monday

I'm not ashamed to admit that lately I have really liked MTV's 10pm line up...Monday's "My life as Liz" and Tuesdays "Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant" have been very addicting. I watch every week. I also have been getting into "Taking the stage". Way to go MTV!
As for my readers you now know what I will be doing here in about 6 minutes.

P.S. Don't tell Phil I told you but he watches most weeks with me :)


  1. hehe you go girl!! hey nothing wrong with that Nate likes to watch Teen MoM and the Bachelor with me .....=) I will have to check out the other two you mentioned....never heard of them =)

  2. I admit it, reality shows are very addicting! lol

    stopping by from Harriet's February comment challenge,

  3. I love Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant! Seriously--I'm about to watch my Teen Mom episode from the other nite.

    Love them both!

    Stopping by from Friday Follow. Love your blog!


  4. Following you back from Follow Friday. Oh, and I LOVE Teen Mom/16 & Preg. I can't beleive Jenelle, how irresponsible!!!!!!!

  5. Haha, I have a newfound love of MTV nighttime too!

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