Monday, February 22, 2010

Get to know me monday

I'm mostly a homebody.

homebody \home"bod`y\ n.
a person whose life and interests are centered on the home

I think to an extent I have always been this way. I was never a party girl or drinker in high school or college or after college. I was never out till 3 am at parties.

I wasn't the all A student who studied all night either. I got decent grades. I graduated with over a 3.0 gpa. I had my small click of good friends. I went to the school dances and attended some social events but I wasn't out every weekend.

I became more of a homebody when I got married and had my son.

Well when I got married it was a forced thing. My dad had a severe stroke. It was 2 months before my wedding and he needed 24 hour care. The first 4-5 months after he returned home from the in hospital therapy were awful. So going anywhere with my husband or friends was out.

My husband and I wanted children and wanting my dad to be alive when our kids were born we decided to start trying to have kids. I found out I was pregnant on the first try and as you mom's know it got hard to go out. At first I was tired and had nausea, then I couldn't even put my shoes on or blow dry my own hair. That was a day's event in itself. lol

Then Shane was born. He was sick. He had GERD. He was throwing up all the time (every 15 minutes), in and out of hospitals and I didn't want to leave him with just anyone. My dad and 92 year old grandma couldn't offer much help and my husbands side of the family wasn't helpful or supportive at all.

I could have hired a babysitter or given him to anyone who would have taken him but I'm a dedicated mother who didn't and still doesn't pawn my son off every weekend. I have decided though that a few hours on OCCASION is a good thing and I am sure as he gets older and overnight on OCCASION will be good too. Now that my dad has gotten stronger and Shane is getting older and more independent, my dad is able to watch him for a couple of hours.

Lately I have been trying to become less of a homebody. So I made an occasion.
This weekend after Shane went to bed at papa's house. Phil and I decided to have a date night and we went bowling with our best friends Sherry and Nate. It was a ton of fun and I definitely want to get out like that again.

Taken from a camera phone

Maybe I'm slowly becoming less of a homebody. But then again, what's wrong with centering your life around your husband and child.


  1. Nothing is wrong with being a homebody. I love just hanging out at home in my comfy pants and my hair up like Pippi. I am glad you had a nice date night with Phil. -Pippi

  2. I agree -nothing wrong with being a homebody! Hubby and I are totally homebodies! We go out w/o kids maybe 4 times a year?

    Hooray for a nice date night!!

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  4. I'm the same way. Actually, this year has been great. I'm slowly going out with my friends and trying to get out more often, but it's so hard with kids to do anything!

  5. Nothing is wrong with being a homebody at all =) Loved bowling night...can't wait to do ice skating date night and other date night's soon too =)


  6. Being a homebody can be fun - but I am thankful I have a sister that lives close and will call out of the blue to see if her nephew (who is 5) wants to come and spend the night - sometimes we even spend those evenings in :)

    Tag - you're it!

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    Thanks for opening up and sharing about yourself. I enjoyed getting to know you!
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  8. Another homebody follwoing you back! THanks for stopping by!