Friday, February 19, 2010

Phil Did It

A Surprise for my Birthday. My Birthday isn't till the end of March but around that time he knows I get suspicious. He hasn't ever been able to surprise me or keep a secret ever. In fact he has only "got" me one time. He had to run my credit score and it had never been run before. I always paid my bills and knew it was good. He called and said it was a 730. I almost fainted I was so upset. He finally revealed he was joking and it was actually much much higher.

Yesterday for the first time he surprised me for my birthday. The door bell rang and a UPS lady had 2 boxes with my name on them. What was in them you ask. A portable background stand and 2 muslin's. Great for my indoor photography and future home studio in Arizona. My husband is the best. I just love how supportive he is of my photography. In fact, he can't wait to get started on my home studio. He was drawing out his ideas on paper last night to show me.

Thanks Hubby <3


  1. Stopping in from the February comment challenge but... had to say as someone who loves to take pictures all I can say to your gift is WOW! That is fabulous! What an amazing gift!

  2. AWWWWWW I knew you were going to get it .....just had that feeeling .....even though I swear Phil told me nothing about it ...congrats it's so nice !!! You are going to have an amazing studio =) Your business is coming along nicely!!


    P.S. Looking forward to an indoor shoot with our godchild ::winks::

  3. What an awesome gift! Can't wait to see pictures!!

  4. I love photography! How lucky you are to have an indoor studio in the works! Jealous!! :-)
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  5. that's a great gift, I wish I had one of those when all of my boys were babies
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  6. Wat an awesome hubby! Thanks for checking out/following my blog, Im returning the favor :)

  7. I would be ecstatic!!! I want this and a new Canon! that's all - am I asking too much?? :-)

  8. I knew you wanted one. Let's see what you get next year ;)

  9. Lucky you! It's so nice to have a supportive husband. Have a happy (early) birthday!

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