Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tonka Bounce Back Racer 2 Review

My 2 year old is a big daredevil and honestly many times a little too rough on his toys. I think it's really great when a company realizes what a 2+ year old boy is capable of and makes toys accordingly.

I was sent a Tonka bounce back racer 2 to review. This toy was made for my son and boy does he love it. I am pretty sure it is almost indestructible. This is a toy made for boys and girls too. I love that it's made of a soft squishy plastic that doesn't damage walls and other surfaces it hits and that it comes with a remote that is simple for Shane to use. I really like its design. On one side it looks like a race car and on the other side it looks like a sports car.

This car is really cool. It's made to flip over or bounce back when it hits an obstacle such as a wall. Its nice that the car keeps going after it hits something that way I don't constantly have to chase and straighten it out every 3 minutes like other toys. It's a toy that will create hours of fun for you child.

The only negative I can say is that it requires a lot of batteries
It requires a 9 Volt Battery and 6 “AA” Batteries (not included).

It can be purchased on Amazon for 34.99


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