Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Game Day With Progresso Giveaway

Game Day is one of the best days of the year to get together with friends and enjoy some delicious food and fun. This year, let Progresso™ Recipe Starters™ be the perfect teammate and help you score big at your party. With plenty of recipe ideas for different Game Day snacks, Progresso™ Recipe Starters™ will make sure you have a crowd-pleasing performance. Check out all these yummy recipe ideas for hosting your friends and family this weekend Check out our line of Progresso™ Recipe Starters™ and use some of our favorite recipe ideas below for your Game Day party!

Creamy Portabello Muschroom Creamy Portabella Mushroom: Creamy and highly indulgent, this smooth sauce is rich with sautéed Portabella mushrooms, giving you any easy way to start delicious dishes like  Cheesy-Mushroom Joes and Mushroom-Swiss Burgers.

Game Day Idea: Bacon Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
Recipe Link:
Chicken And Ham Slab Sandwiches Creamy Parmesan Basil: This creamy, full-bodied and indulgent sauce that was inspired by alfredo and creamy pesto sauces can be used to make dishes such as Pizza Primavera and Slow Cooker Lasagna Alfredo.

Game Day Idea: Chicken and Ham Slab Sandwiches
Recipe Link:
Easy White Chicken Chili Creamy Roasted Garlic: With caramelized, roasted chicken broth, garlic and a touch of cream, this stock is perfect for dishes such as Cheesy Turkey Sandwiches, Chicken Enchiladas and Green Chiles Chicken Quesadillas.

Game Day Idea: Easy White Chicken Chili
Recipe Link:
Chorizo Con Queso Creamy Three Cheese: Rich and creamy with a blend of yellow and white cheeses, and a savory background of chicken stock, onion, garlic and cracked pepper, this is a great way to satisfy cheese lovers with Easy Weeknight Bacon Mac & Cheese, Baked Turkey Hoagie and Cheddar-Parmesan Puffs with Dipping Sauces.

Game Day Idea: Chorizo con Queso
Recipe Link:
Pulled Chicken Sandwiches Fire Roasted Tomato:  A medium-thick tomato sauce, accompanied by flavors of roasted, caramelized tomatoes, oregano and bell peppers, which can be used as a great way to begin creating Buffalo Chicken-Potato Bake, Saucy Meatball Hoagies and Zesty Turkey Tacos.

Game Day Idea: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches
Recipe Link:

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 • 10 Piece Cheese & Appetizer Set
 • One Can of Creamy Roasted Garlic Progresso™ Recipe Starters™


Leave me a comment telling me which Progresso recipe you are most likely to make for game day. 
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Friday, January 25, 2013

DRAMAMINE ® for Motion Sickness Giveaway ( 2 winners)

My whole life I have suffered with motion sickness. It really is a pain as long car rides, airplane rides and amusement park rides would make me very sick.

Years ago I began using Dramamine which helped a lot. In fact I refuse to fly or go on any rides without taking it first. It was a huge lifesaver on my honeymoon. We went on a cruise and ended up having to speed up and take a detour to avoid a hurricane. I would have spent close to my entire honeymoon in the infirmary if it weren't for the Dramamine which saved me from getting sick.  I didn't even puke once.

Did you know Dramamine® just expanded their line and now has a Dramamine® for

"Motion sickness is a problem for both adults and kids alike. According to an Omnibus Survey in June
2011, 34% of households with children ages 2-12, have a child with motion sickness. This is three times
the rate for adult motion sickness (11% of households). Motion sickness is most prevalent in cars,
followed by airplanes and boats. Typical symptoms are nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. "

“Dramamine® for Kids and Dramamine® Less Drowsy
can help prevent the problem, allowing everyone to enjoy the holidays without concern about sickness spoiling the travel.”

For more information on Dramamine® for Kids, Dramamine® Less Drowsy and other Dramamine®
products, visit

Spring break is fast approaching and Dramamine would like to help prepare you for your travels.
They have offered 2 of my readers a                  

 ·         Canvas Travel Tote
·         Dramamine® Original (1)
·         Dramamine® Less Drowsy (1)
                                                                              ·         Dramamine® Children’s (1)

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Progresso Oh Contest and Gift Pack Giveaway

We all live for those little moments of Oh! when we look and feel our best. The feeling of Oh! when you button up your favorite old jeans … and they fit! Or the Oh! you get from your friends when you walk into a room confidently sporting a new dress! Those moments of Oh! are some of the best of our lives! When's the last time you had one of those moments? Who's said Oh! lately in your life?

And of course there's the Oh! satisfaction when you discover a delicious ally that helps you beat diet boredom – Progresso® soup! With 40 delicious flavors at 100 calories or less per serving, you are sure to find a soup that makes you say Oh!

Oh! wait...there's even more! Since we all know how important it is to look and feel your best (and get the Oh! reaction from yourself and others), Progresso is giving you the chance to win the ultimate ProgressOh! Make-Oh-ver experience in Hollywood*! Three lucky grand prize winners will get to take the ultimate trip full of ProgresOh! experiences – from a head-to-toe makeover to sightseeing in LA!

Here's what you could win:
  • Round-trip airfare for you and a guest to Los Angeles, California
  • 4 day/ 3 night hotel accommodations
  • A head-to-toe makeover, including hair, makeup and a blue dress to get you ready for your own ProgressOh! moment in Hollywood
  • Two tickets to this season's live finale of The Biggest Loser
  • $2,000 spending money
Here's how to enter:
  • Visit
  • Complete an official entry form
  • Share a photo
  • Tell us why you love Progresso soup
  • Tell us why you deserve a ProgressOh! makeover
Don't forget to tag your content #ProgressOh!
Three grand prize winners will each get the ultimate ProgressOh! Make-Oh-ver from Progresso®! #ProgressOh!

I personally love Progresso Soup. My favorite is the Light Chicken Pot Pie Style. It is so good especially on a cold day here in Michigan! 
I haven't had the chance to try all of them yet but I am looking forward to tasting the other 100 calorie or less ones very soon.

Progresso has offered one of my readers a Gift pack which includes 

2 cans of Progresso® soup
Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese
Light Chicken Pot Pie Style
Cosmetic Bag

Compact Mirror and Brush

"Disclosure: The information, products and ProgressOh! gift packs were provided by Progresso through MyBlogSpark."

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cookies For A Cause to Cure Cancer...Help save Filipe's life

On January 28th 2013 Kidz b Kidz will be having an Art Part that could help save a 4 year old boy’s life.

Kidz b Kidz (KbK) is a non-profit organization powered by kids and mentored by adults. They teach children about empathy and the importance of helping others simply by drawing a picture at KbK Art Parties. They inspire kids to create heartfelt artwork that is used on “KbK Products with Purpose”. These products are sold to foster healing and comfort in a child’s hospital experience and to support children who are sick.

Kidz b Kidz is having an “I love Filipe” Fundraiser from January 28th 2013 until Valentine’s Day, February 14th. What better way to say I love you then by saving a sick child’s life with Cookies that Care!

Filipe is a Brazilian 4-year-old boy who came to the US in November 2011 in hopes that a chemo drug available here and not in Brazil would help treat his cancer (LCH) and make him well. After being seen by top experts at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and having a liver biopsy, the doctors determined that the urgent need was for Filipe to have a liver transplant. His liver is affected by both the LCH and his secondary disease (Sclerosing Cholangitis). The ONLY chance for him to survive is a lifesaving liver transplant. There is no cure for his diseases. Unfortunately Filipe is not eligible for health insurance here in the US. Massachusetts General Hospital has estimated that the family will need $509,970.00 for the liver transplant, and related medical expenses. They have currently raised about $300,000 and our push is to help in raising the last $200,000. For more info:

On January 28th Kidz b Kidz (KbK) will gather at the Newman Elementary School in Needham, MA and will all draw hearts in honor of Filipe to let him know we love him and support him. For those who can’t be at Newman, Kidz b Kidz (KbK) would like to encourage you to draw hearts from wherever you are and send them to Kidz b Kidz at or directly upload your Artwork to and click on the upload artwork link.

 Kidz b Kidz (KbK) will take every heart drawing and post them in their KbK online gallery where anyone around the country can purchase Wicked Good Kidz b Kidz Cookies decorated with the heart drawings and give them as a “heartfelt” gift to pay for Filipe’s liver transplant.

  You CAN make a difference! From January 28, 2013 until Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2013) you can purchase all natural Wicked Good Kidz b Kidz Cookies with custom heart designs made exclusively to support the I Love Filipe Fundraiser. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Filipe and the other 50% will stay in the Kidz b Kidz program so we can help other sick kids who need Kidz b Kidz (KbK) support!

Wicked Good KbK Cookies:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 ways to use baking soda

I love Baking soda because it can be used in so many different ways. Plus it is cheap.
Here are my Top 5 uses for baking soda

1. Use vinegar and baking soda in your washing machine to revive your towels (takes out the moldy icky smell and makes towels more absorbent)

 2. Mix baking soda and peroxide it makes a great cleaner for grout (whitens grout on tile floors and in bathtubs) Just mix the two together making a paste, scrub and then rinse with water.

 3. Mix it with water and use in place of toothpaste (cleans your teeth)

 4. Rub it on stains to remove them. ( great at removing wine, vomit, coffee, urine etc ) Make a paste with 3 parts baking soda, one part water. Apply the paste to the stain and let sit for 15 minutes. Then scrub, rinse and dry.

 5. MY FAVORITE Add a little to your Shampoo once a week and it cleanses the hair and scalp. It helps remove product buildup on your hair that comes from shampoo, hair spray, and other hair products.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Happy New Year...Things have been a bit hectic here, so forgive me for the lack of posts this past week. I have been laid up with a cold but am feeling much better. I hear the Flu is going around and its bad this year. We have been lucky enough not to get it so far. Jacey was 4 months on the 1st and is doing great. She sees the doctor for her 4 month check up this Friday. We started her on baby food. She loves bananas! We are looking forward to seeing how she likes the other fruits and veggies. She still has her beautiful red hair and we are praying it stays that color. It looks as if her eyes might be changing from blue to green. She is just a sweetheart. She is very laid back and has Shane's smile. Shane is doing great. He enjoyed playing in the snow we had over the holidays. He is such a big helper around the house. We have a responsibility chart for him and he almost always gets smiley faces. He is just excellent with Jacey. You can tell he loves her to pieces. He really likes that she is becoming more interactive. He is also very excited to start kindergarten in the fall. Phil took this picture of me and the kids this weekend. They are just growing up so fast!
I hope 2013 is a great year for all of you. Stay tuned for more reviews and giveaways.