Friday, February 26, 2010

Photo Friday & more

I just wanted to update everyone. Shane can now identify every letter in the alphabet and knows the phonetic sounds they make.

Also don't forget to enter my Giveaway in the post below. A 25 dollar item of your choice from CSN stores if you win :)

I am in the process of getting a teaching certificate for Arizona. In order to get a Reciprocity Certificate I need an Arizona fingerprint card. They are sending me the forms in the mail. When they get here I take it to the police station, get finger printed and send it back. Then I just have to send in my paperwork with a copy of my teaching certificate and official transcripts.

In the mean time I am going to apply for positions right away and let them know I am licensed here and in the process of getting Reciprocity there. (wish me luck)

I was going through my flash drive to get my resume and I stumbled across this Priceless Picture!!

Happy Friday

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

25 dollar Giveaway


I love shopping for stuff for Shane online. It's convenient and there are great stores that offer a variety of things you could want for your children. I can find toys,kids Bedding and Kids furniture all at the same time. I can order what I want and have it delivered right to my front door.

CSN Stores is one of those stores. They have everything you could want for your children.

I want to thank CSN Stores because they have been kind enough to offer one of my readers a 25 dollar item of their choice.


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SMP Review & Discount

For Valentines Day Hubby got me the most beautiful necklace. I love it and have worn it everyday since. I have gotten so many complements on it already. It is made of top quality silver and has our names hand stamped in it. I can't say enough good things about SilverMePendants.
The necklace was made and shipped promptly. It even included care instructions and a cleaning/polishing cloth. Amanda makes many different necklace styles and keychains too.

Amanda at SilverMePendants has offered my readers free first class shipping on any orders placed now through the end of march.

All you have to do is enter the code "ETHERTONPHOTO" in the "names/initials" section when you check out.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Get to know me monday

I'm mostly a homebody.

homebody \home"bod`y\ n.
a person whose life and interests are centered on the home

I think to an extent I have always been this way. I was never a party girl or drinker in high school or college or after college. I was never out till 3 am at parties.

I wasn't the all A student who studied all night either. I got decent grades. I graduated with over a 3.0 gpa. I had my small click of good friends. I went to the school dances and attended some social events but I wasn't out every weekend.

I became more of a homebody when I got married and had my son.

Well when I got married it was a forced thing. My dad had a severe stroke. It was 2 months before my wedding and he needed 24 hour care. The first 4-5 months after he returned home from the in hospital therapy were awful. So going anywhere with my husband or friends was out.

My husband and I wanted children and wanting my dad to be alive when our kids were born we decided to start trying to have kids. I found out I was pregnant on the first try and as you mom's know it got hard to go out. At first I was tired and had nausea, then I couldn't even put my shoes on or blow dry my own hair. That was a day's event in itself. lol

Then Shane was born. He was sick. He had GERD. He was throwing up all the time (every 15 minutes), in and out of hospitals and I didn't want to leave him with just anyone. My dad and 92 year old grandma couldn't offer much help and my husbands side of the family wasn't helpful or supportive at all.

I could have hired a babysitter or given him to anyone who would have taken him but I'm a dedicated mother who didn't and still doesn't pawn my son off every weekend. I have decided though that a few hours on OCCASION is a good thing and I am sure as he gets older and overnight on OCCASION will be good too. Now that my dad has gotten stronger and Shane is getting older and more independent, my dad is able to watch him for a couple of hours.

Lately I have been trying to become less of a homebody. So I made an occasion.
This weekend after Shane went to bed at papa's house. Phil and I decided to have a date night and we went bowling with our best friends Sherry and Nate. It was a ton of fun and I definitely want to get out like that again.

Taken from a camera phone

Maybe I'm slowly becoming less of a homebody. But then again, what's wrong with centering your life around your husband and child.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Phil Did It

A Surprise for my Birthday. My Birthday isn't till the end of March but around that time he knows I get suspicious. He hasn't ever been able to surprise me or keep a secret ever. In fact he has only "got" me one time. He had to run my credit score and it had never been run before. I always paid my bills and knew it was good. He called and said it was a 730. I almost fainted I was so upset. He finally revealed he was joking and it was actually much much higher.

Yesterday for the first time he surprised me for my birthday. The door bell rang and a UPS lady had 2 boxes with my name on them. What was in them you ask. A portable background stand and 2 muslin's. Great for my indoor photography and future home studio in Arizona. My husband is the best. I just love how supportive he is of my photography. In fact, he can't wait to get started on my home studio. He was drawing out his ideas on paper last night to show me.

Thanks Hubby <3

Monday, February 15, 2010

Get to know me monday

I'm not ashamed to admit that lately I have really liked MTV's 10pm line up...Monday's "My life as Liz" and Tuesdays "Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant" have been very addicting. I watch every week. I also have been getting into "Taking the stage". Way to go MTV!
As for my readers you now know what I will be doing here in about 6 minutes.

P.S. Don't tell Phil I told you but he watches most weeks with me :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day.
This is what I received from my Wonderful Husband.

It's hand stamped with our names. I just love it :)

Also Phil and I have found Our Perfect Song. He sings it to me all the time and I wanted to share because I love it so much!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The results are in...

NO SHELLFISH...Yes, I am sorry to have to say Hubby is indeed allergic to all shellfish. He had the worst reaction to Shrimp and Clams followed by Crab then Lobster and the smallest reaction was to Oysters. He reacted to all of them. This means for sure he is allergic to all shellfish and according to the allergist he must carry an epipen. They also did confirm he is not allergic to any other non shellfish so he is free to have salmon, cod, perch, etc. We knew that though because I make salmon quite a bit.

I was planning on making Lobster Tail tomorrow for Valentines Day but due to his results we changed it to Pot Roast. I'd prefer to spend the day with him in a non hospital setting.

We are glad we went and now have a definite answer, even if it isn't the one we hoped for.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Video Friday

I couldn't help but share this video. My not even two year old son Shane can identify 13 letters. Yes, he knows all his vowels and the letters B C K L M P Q S ! Don't believe me, check it out for yourself. What a Smart Boy we have. Phil and I are so proud.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Get to SNOW me Monday

We are being told by local forecasters that tomorrow night we should expect 6-12 inches of snow. For those of you that don't know me, I Hate Snow! I hate walking in it, I hate driving in it and I hate shoveling it. Leaving the snow was a huge part of my and hubby's decision to move to Arizona. If it wasn't for snow, we might have sold our house and been there by now, but who wants to move when it's snowing. Hence our house still has a for sale sign in the front yard soon to be surrounded by snow.

Now we can only hope that this will be our last winter that involves snow and if we are really lucky the forecasters will be wrong and we will only get a dusting tomorrow night.

...And did I tell you how much I Hate Snow!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Photo Friday

I leave you with a Photo clue for an upcoming giveaway!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I have been thinking and realized that I want my followers to know me. You see my pictures, you know I have a wonderful husband and the most amazing son but you don't really know a lot about me.

In attempts to help you get to know me I have decided to do what I call "Get to know me Mondays." Every Monday I will post something that will help you my readers get to know me better. Oh and you might want to pay attention as these things may help you win giveaways in future posts.

So the first thing I want to spill about myself is that I am in love with Iced Tea. My favorite is a tie between sweet tea and Green tea with ginseng and honey. I can just see myself now living in Arizona on a 106 degree day with a pitcher of tea in my back yard brewing in the sun. Nothing beats a homemade glass of Iced tea on a hot day.

What kind of tea is your favorite?