Monday, February 27, 2012 the best place for military Gear and Equipment

I have a Brother in Law who is in the Army and before I met my husband, I had dated several military men. I thought it would be cute to have some army Pt shirts to wear. I had always gotten my previous military clothing on post but I can only get on post with military personal and since my BIL and SIL are stationed in Germany that is hard to do right now.

A few weeks ago I discovered A great site that carries all types or military gear and equipment. Phil and I each decided to get a GENUINE ARMY ISSUE PT T-SHIRT.

I have owned these shirts before and they are great. Supper comfy to work out in or wear to bed. Plus they last a long time. I had my last shirt for over 4 years.

I was really impressed with all the options had and I look forward to shopping with them in the future.

Check them out you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eden Fantasys -being a Sexy YOU

I have told you before about some of the great products Eden Fantasys carries including lingerie and sex toys.

Well I have some great news for all you women out there. Eden Fantasys is now offering beauty and body products. This includes makeup, skin care and bath and shower products.

I have added many beauty and body product items to my wish list including the

Amore afterglow salt buff – scrub
This scrub has organic extracts, shea butter and aloe. This will be perfect for exfoliating and detoxifying after shaving. I love salt scrubs and with Eden Fantasys great reputation for selling quality products I know I will be getting a scrub I will be happy with.

Mineral beauty bronzer
Living in Michigan I don't always get sun as much as I would like so I am a big fan of bronzer. This bronzer looks like it is very blendable and would work well with my skin tone. It also comes in a great size. I can't wait to try it.

March 8th is International Women's Day. Don't forget to check out Eden Fantasys and buy yourself something special. You deserve to be pampered.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Soul Food and Love Review and Giveaway (2 winners)

As you know I am a big fan of Chicken soup books and cooking.

I was excited to review a great new Chicken soup book Food and Love.

Food is an expression of love — both the romantic kind and the comforting kind between family and friends. With its savory, sweet, and sometimes spicy stories, this delightful collection will sprinkle in laughs, warm hearts of readers, and stir up memories that certain aromas and tastes always bring. Readers will relish the stories on how love and food together played a flavorful part in life. Some recipes included too!

2 of my readers will each win a copy. Entering is simple

Just leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite Chicken soup for the soul book and don't forget to leave your e-mail address.

Contest ends 3/2/12 at midnight eastern time.
Winners will be picked using

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Milan Maternity Review and Giveaway

My favorite place to get trendy maternity shirts is Milan Maternity. I own several of there shirts and love them. They are cute, great quality and last a long time.

I was super excited when Milan Maternity Contacted me after finding out I was pregnant and wanted me to review another one of their awesome shirts.

Since I will be pregnant through the entire summer I picked the Gisella in coral from their Spring/Summer collection. They also offer a Fall/ winter collection as well as Nursing and Transitional.

Seriously there are affordable trendy shirts for any mom.

Milan Maternity has been kind enough to offer one of my readers a Shirt of their Choice.

Friday, February 17, 2012


After losing a baby in October... We are excited to announce we are Pregnant.

I am 11 weeks today and Due September 7th!

We found out right before New years and then had an ultrasound at 7 weeks. They were unable to get the trans-vaginal to work so they measured from on top of my tummy and the baby had a great heartbeat of 136 but was measuring 1 week behind. I know exactly when we conceived so even though the doctor wasn't worried I was.

I was given another ultrasound at 8 weeks. At this ultrasound everything went great, The baby measured 8 weeks on the dot and had a heartbeat of 174. We were very hopeful but didn't want to say anything till we made it past the time of the loss of our last baby.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and we had a scare when he could not get a heartbeat on the Doppler. We were very upset and worried but were sent for an Emergency ultrasound where they found baby was just hiding. Baby is doing great. He/she had a heartbeat of 189 and was measuring again right on the dot (10 weeks 6 days). Baby slept most of the ultrasound but did wake up long enough to give us a wave with its hand.

I have been very tired and nauseous. My cravings include fruit, pizza and lately I can't get enough Lemonade.

I will be finding out if it is a boy or girl but Phil wants to be surprised. So in an attempt to keep it a surprise to Phil I won't be telling!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BTB Sunglasses Rock

While browsing the internet for a Valentines day gift for my husband I found BTB Sunglasses a site that sells all kinds of sunglasses. The sell all types of sunglasses especially for people with active outdoor lifestyles including Running Sunglasses and Golf Sunglasses.

After searching their site and checking out all the options I decided on the BTB 880 red sunglasses.

They feature

100% optic clarity (De-centered lens)
HD (High Definition) Lens Technology
complete UVA & UVB protection
made from Grilamid TR-90 & designed using an 8 to 10 Base Curve
a "Formed Fit" for comfort
Temples & Nosepieces are made from a hypo- allergenic material and coated with an Anti-Bacterial agent for heavy perspiration environments
exceed ANSI, OSHA & Military Impact Specifications
are "Ballistic" rated

Phil just loves them and he thinks the red color lenses makes him look hip and cool :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

The TravelRest Pillow....Must have for any flight

This past week we went to Arizona. A 4 hour flight is not fun or comfortable. I decided it would be best to try and sleep on the flight and went looking for a nice travel pillow. I found a great new travel pillow that I ordered.

The TravelRest Pillow is the best pillow on the market in my opinion.

After trying it out on my flight there and back I had to share about it with you.

With its patented ergonomic shape, the TravelRest pillow attaches to any seat back, nestling against the head and neck to provide support and comfort in flight or on the road. Even without a seat back, TravelRest's versatile design provides excellent support - simply sling the tether cord over your head and shoulder...and relax.

I just put it over my shoulder and flipped sides as needed. It was more comfortable that any other travel pillow I have tried and I was able to sleep and land rested.

Some things I love about it.

It blows up in 3-4 breaths and deflates easily.

deflated it is very small and can fit on your luggage handle or in your purse.

It is made of a comfortable material and they even offer a cover for additional comfort.

It adjusts so it works no matter how tall or short you are and even kids can use it.

It also works great for car rides.

I will never travel without one again.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm Back

We went to Arizona for the week and had a blast. I have always wanted to move there but hadn't been there in about 10 years so we decided to check it out and meet with a realtor to look at houses. We learned a lot about the area and now are familiar with the streets, schools and such. Our realtor is now familiar what we are looking for and it should be pretty easy to find a nice house to purchase when we get there.

After spending the week there we are 200 percent sure it is where we want to live. At this point we are just waiting on Phil to get a job out there and then we are out of here.

I also had the opportunity to meet with a blogger friend of mine who lives there and who I have been chatting with for a while now. We had a great time with her at dinner and she was so helpful in giving advice and answering questions we had. She also brought along some sunscreen and a blacklight flashlight for us.

For those of you who don't know, Scorpions glow under blacklight and I have been nervous about seeing/ getting stung by one. This way I can check for them and put my mind at ease. Thank You Jen <3. I hope you all had a great week!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have been out of the State all week and will return this weekend. I apologize for the lack of posting but I had some important things to take care of. Back to normal posting next week :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Johnson's Naturals Baby Line

Between bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and purchasing items with fewer, simpler ingredients, as Moms, we find ourselves looking for ways to be a little bit greener in our everyday lives. Now, Johnson's Brand, a trusted brand many of us grew up on, has made it even easier to incorporate natural products into our children's daily routine.

Johnson's new Natural product line provides a unique combination of 98% naturally derived ingredients, designed to cleanse, hydrate and nourish our baby's skin. With the first-ever naturally derived No More Tears Formula – plus with no parabens, dyes, or essential oils - Johnson's Natural foaming baby wash, shampoo and lotion prove gentle enough for newborns and "big kids" alike. And, with the 60% post-consumer recycled packaging, the products not only naturally work to nurture your child's skin, but also help protect the environment.

I was sent the
Johnson’s Natural Baby Lotion
Johnson’s Natural HEAD-TO-TOE Foaming Baby Wash
Johnson’s Natural Baby Shampoo

My Thoughts

As we all know baby skin is very sensitive and as a mom I think going Natural is super important. I wouldn't want my child to have any unnatural chemical or ingredient on his/her skin. I wouldn't want to encourage allergies or have to deal with rashes caused by unnatural ingredients.

I love the Shampoo. I was able to use it on my friends son and his skin was left feeling very soft and the product gave no odor at all. He just looked clean and his hair and skin felt so soft.

I would recommend Johnson's Naturals line to parents and expectant mothers.

Visit Johnson's Website Here to learn more about their new naturals line, receive coupons and view a series of videos that offer tips on how to affordably incorporate natural living into everyday family life.

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson’s Natural and received a product sample to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Udi's gluten-free Products

I know many people need gluten-free foods so when I had the opportunity to sample Udi's gluten-free Products I wanted to share my experience with you.

Udi's gluten-free Products are so good. I didn't realize how good gluten-free food could be. Udi's offer a variety of gluten-free items including muffin tops, bread, bagels and granola.

My favorites are the Cranberry Granola and the Blueberry Oat Muffin Tops. The muffin tops are so good with tons of flavor and the granola is great you cant even tell its gluten free.

About Udi's:

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods are the #1 gluten free baked goods brand, revolutionized the category when it introduced the first gluten-free bread that tastes and looks like “real” bread.
Udi’s products are so delicious that you will wonder if they are truly gluten-free.
Udi’s Gluten Free Foods are now at 150 Wal-Mart stores across the country!
Walmart will carry 5 of Udi’s best-selling products (soft white bread, soft whole grain bread, plain bagels, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza crust) in the bakery department.
To see if there is a Walmart near you that carries Udi’s or to find the closest location that carries Udi products enter your zip code into their store locator:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines Day Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Shape Cookies Prize Pack Review and Giveaway

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to show those who are near and dear just how much you care with a treat straight from the heart and fresh from the oven! New Valentine’s Day Pillsbury® Ready to Bake!™ Shape® Cookies will fill your home with love and now the magic of Disney®. Whether you bake these cookies for, or with your loved ones, Pillsbury Ready to Bake Shape Cookies are perfect for bringing those you love most together on Valentine’s Day!

Quick and convenient, Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Shape Cookies are ready to enjoy in 8-10 minutes and can be found at your local grocer

Celebrate the holiday with your family’s favorite Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Disney Princesses Belle, Cinderella and Tiana.

Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Shape Cookies are the perfect treat for the valentine in your life. Shane was super excited to bake mickey mouse cookies.

Download a printable coupon for $1.10 off of the purchase of (1) package of Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Shape Cookies HERE.


I was sent this prize pack and I am giving one away to one of my readers also.

-A VIP coupon to purchase a package of Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Shape Cookies
-Cookie Jar
-Cookie Spatula
-Oven Mitt

LADY AND THE TRAMP DIAMOND EDITION available February 7, 2012

One of my favorite movies as a child was Lady and the Tramp so I was really excited to learn that LADY AND THE TRAMP DIAMOND EDITION would be available on February 7, 2012.

Synopsis: A classic love story unfolds in the best Disney tradition as a lovely young pedigreed cocker spaniel named Lady, who lives a pampered life, finds herself falling romantically for Tramp, an amorous street-smart pooch without prospects. Although they have fun together on several dates, including a sentimental spaghetti dinner by moonlight at Tony’s restaurant, their relationship is strained not only by Lady’s loyalty to her human family and their newborn baby, but by Tramp’s devil-may-care attitude that eventually gets Lady in trouble and tossed into the dog pound. However, good-hearted Tramp redeems himself by saving the baby from potential harm and thus wins Lady’s love and the affection of her human family.

Share this timeless Disney Classic with your family as Walt Disney’s beloved classic, Lady and the Tramp, finally releases from the Disney Vault for the first time ever on Blu-ray. This heartwarming tale now charms a new generation of families and fans with its exquisite animation and unforgettable songs in one of the greatest love stories of all time. Featuring high definition sound and immersive bonus features your family can enjoy together, Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition is a must own addition to your Disney collection.

I was sent a copy to review. I couldn't wait to show it to Shane. He loved Lady and watching her adventure. He also really enjoyed all the songs. He has asked to watch the movie every night since we received it. I really enjoyed watching it with him as it brought back memories of my childhood.

Check out these clips from the movie and Make sure you run out and get a copy. It is one of those movies you must have in your collection.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Space Bag High Capacity Storage Tote Review and Giveaway

The Space Bag High Capacity Storage Tote is available in two sizes

The Jumbo Tote holds up to two bedding sets, four pillows, and 12 sweaters or jackets.

TheUnder Bed Tote holds up to one bedding set, two pillows, and five to seven sweaters or jackets.

Here are some of the ways you can put the Tote to use in your home:

· Gather up the plush toys and stuffed animals your child no longer plays with on a regular basis and place them in the Tote. Once compressed, these soft playthings will take up a fraction of the size they usually do piled up in the corner of the room.

· Save space in your linen closet by placing guest bedding and extra pillows in the Tote. When overnight guests arrive, simplyunzip the bag and fresh linens will be ready to use.

· Puffy winter jackets, ski attire and bulky sweaters have no place in the closet during warmer months. Place these items in the Tote and store it in the garage or attic. The airtight seal and canvas cover will protect items inside from dust, mildew, odors and pests during storage.

· The Tote can also be used as a hand-me-down helper. Place outgrown children’s clothing in the bag and seal it for future use. Jot down the size, gender and season of the clothing on a piece of paper and store it in the Tote’s see-through window for easy identification later.

I love the new Storage Totes. I was sent a Jumbo to review and it is going to come in so handy when we move. It will be perfect to help protect my comforter, sheet set and pillows during our move.

Join the Space Savers Community: and receive 20 percent off a space-saving package of Space Bag products, including a High Capacity Storage Tote and four Space Bag Storage Packs.


One lucky winner will win a Jumbo Space Bag High Capacity Storage Tote