Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday, Doctors appointment and Rant

Yesterday was my birthday. We had a very nice relaxing day. Phil took the day off work to spend some extra time with Shane and I. later in the evening we went to Mexican town for dinner. It was a great day.

We did have to take Shane into the doctor because he has had a fever for a few days. They ran a strep test. NEGATIVE. They looked in his ears for an ear infection NEGATIVE. She said it could be a virus but more than likely he is teething. Apparently those eye teeth can be pretty tough. She also told me Shane is a "prodigy". I wouldn't call him that but he is very advanced. He identified every letter and its sound to the doctor as well as some of his numbers. He is also very socially advanced according to her. HERE is the video I took two months ago when he had half his letters down. I will be posting a new one soon with all the letters.

This is funny to me because when my son was born I was unable to breastfeed. A certain person made rude comments and gave me a hard time about it. Just proof that although it might be good for you to breastfeed your kid there is nothing wrong with formula.
I'd like to see a video of her kid identifying the entire alphabet before the age of two. Maybe her breast milk wasn't as great as she thought. ROTFL

Shane is well taken care of and rarely sick. He has had 2 fevers his whole life, never had an ear infection or strep throat or anything else other than his reflux which is much better. So having a fever for a few days freaked me out but teething can do that.

I am sure some of you moms have some teething stories.

So my birthday was great. We also RSVP'd for my husbands cousins wedding. So cool because the couple ( Phils friend and his cousin) met at our wedding and are now getting married. The whole family was INVITED and will be there.

More giveaways up on Friday so stay tuned :)


  1. Happy birthday! Teething is never fun; hope it's over quickly! ;)

  2. So happy you had such a nice birthday and a very beautiful day at that! The sun was shining beautifully!!

    Yes Shane is so smart ...I just love how he sings twinkle twinkle little star, knowing ALL his abc's at such a young age is amazing, and his social skills are shocking!

    As far as the breastfeeding of course it's not your fault you were unable to BUT Shane is proof your child does NOT have to be breastfed and look at how smart and healthy he is.

    You know I was breastfed and got sick a lot as a baby from ear infections to tonsilitis....and I know quite a few breastfed babies who had ear infections monthly and other chronic childhood illnesses.

    Give our little man kisses and hugs please and can't wait to see those teeth that are comimg in =)

    XoXo's =)

    P.S. I think it's time for a Spring shoot with Shane, what do you think?!

  3. Happy belated Birthday to you! and Way to go Shane! It's so great that he knows his letters already!

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  5. Happy birthday! The previous commenter needs to calm down. She's just joking lady - chill out before you go cursing her mommy skills!

    Also, I can relate to what you say so much. My boys and now baby girl have all been formula fed (for personal reasons that I should not having to explain or apologize for to perfect strangers. You know, the ones who give dirty or judging looks when I whip out a bottle instead of a boob). I feel blessed that my kids have good health & are bright too, so I don't think my kids are disadvantaged because we've used formula either.

    We all make our own choices & do what we think is best for our own kids. It's hard enough to be a mom without having other moms giving unsolicited opinions or criticism when we don't do things the exact same way they do or refusing to have a sense of humor about it.

  6. Happy Birthday! Glad your day was awesome. I think birthday should be special and enjoyed.

    As for teething, my daughter who is 9 now broke her teeth in 3 and 4 at a time. So we had many sleepless nights and lots of cuddle time to help. I took my grandmothers advice and rubbed COLD whiskey across her gums.. not a lot, just enough that it numbed her gums for while and felt good on her mouth cause of the cold.

    As for the breastfeeding, I am a true believer that its a personal choice and NOBODY should make you feel like your wrong for which direction yo took.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!! I was going to call today and I ended up taking the kids to the bounce house and grocery shopping during naptime! Tomorrow?

  8. Happy B-day!

    We are right there with you. Little Bit has been teething for 3 weeks now. I hope it ends soon. It is getting better though. The teething tablets help a lot.

  9. Happy Birthday!
    my guy is almost 2 and only has a handful of words, he won't be reciting the alphabet anytime soon

  10. Happy Birthday! Yesterday was my firstborn son's birthday too! He is now 37 and expecting his 3rd child in July:) The years fly, and I got out his baby book yesteday to reminisce...I had forgotten how advanced he was--writing words we would spell out loud to him by age 3yrs!In our case, I believe a lot of his learning was a first born thing as I was able to spend a lot of time with him playing and being creative.
    It's fun to look back, and your blog reminds me of those special times. Thank you:)

  11. I couldn't breastfeed either. We even went to a lactation consultant, to no avail.

    I really think that people should try to respect other people's choices. After all, you're the mom, and it's your decision. Not the mother-in-law's decision (or whomever).