Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hope all of you have been having a Great Weekend.
Friday after Phil got off work we went to visit my MIL and FIL. They missed Shane since the had not seen him in a couple of weeks and wanted to see him. I always love going over there :) Yesterday was wonderful. I attended my friend Nancy's wedding shower (Phil didn't call one time). I'm lucky. He is a fantastic dad that appreciates me and wants me to go out once and a while and have a good time. I only say this because I hear terrible stories of dads who are very controlling who call the mothers of their children, scream at them and make them come home while they are in standing in weddings or dads who spend all their money and time at the casino's and neglect their significant others and kid(s). Isn't that awful? Makes me feel really lucky to have such an amazing dedicated husband :)

Before dinner last night Phil and I took Shane to the park for some quality time. Shane loved the slide. He wasn't to fond of it last year but this year he loved it.

"Fingers Crossed" In house News we had a showing yesterday and we have an open house going on now.

Also, I have some more great giveaways going up this week!


  1. Hi Laura

    Thanks so much for stopping by The Old Parsonage. Yes it sounds like you have a terrific husband. Mine is much the same way although our sons are 21 & 23 now.

    Enjoy your son now - time goes too quickly.


  2. Thank you for visiting Liquidambar's blog. I am thankful everyday for my husband. You sound like you have a good catch too!

  3. Sounds wonderful! Good luck with the home selling!

    Thanks for coming by my blog today!

  4. weekend park time makes my son so happy too =) happy Sunday

  5. Your husband does sound wonderful.

    I know I cannot imagine having a controlling husband either.

    We're lucky.

  6. You have such an amazing husband !! He is so involved in Shane's life and it always shows =) He works so hard to provide a great life for your family but always finds the time to smell the roses and enjoy life with you loved ones.

    I was in a controlling relationship before and it doesn't work's the worst way to live life. So happy I didn't marry that person! Controlling snowballs into all sorts of abuse and problems and I would hope people would see early signs of that...and get out quick. Life is too short go to bed happy and wake up happy that's what I say. =)