Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pediped shoes Review

Seriously Pediped shoes are my new favorite shoes for Shane. I was very excited to be able to review the Flex Adrian - White/Gray.

He wears them everyday and never complains of discomfort. In fact he loves wearing them and asks to wear them. Sometimes when he wore other shoes he would walk funny or complain or try to take the shoes off but NOT with the pedipeds.

These shoes have so many great features.

They are
-Approved by the American Podiatric association for children

-Machine washable (These shoes are made with Clarino, a wash-and-wear fabric that’s virtually indestructible. Simply throw in the washing machine and air dry for perfectly clean shoes--how easy! )

-Soft & Flexible - Exceptionally soft, flexible soles and uppers help to provide healthy foot development. Ultra flexible FLEX ZONES provide maximum flexibility and support natural foot motion.

-Heel Cushion - Shock absorbing cushions on each heel protect against impact and distribute pressure through-out the foot.

-Flex Fit System - pediped Flex™ offer a unique fit system. Each pair comes with an additional 2mm insole to customize the fit so it just right for each child. If the child starts with both insoles, as the child’s feet grow the additional insoles may be removed to extend the length of time the child can wear the shoes.

You will see Shane in Pediped Shoes from now on. I %100 recommend them to any parent.

The shoes I reviewed can be Purchased on Pedipeds website Here for $48

Thanks to pediped for the chance to review your shoes.


  1. if my kids were young enough to need these shoes, i'd get 'em! just saying 'aloha' from the friendly friday blog hop. you have some great reviews here~!

  2. These shoes looks so great, my nephew always complains about his shoes too and when a child is asking to where tennis like shoes you know they're good. I love that you can wash them in the machine as well.