Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Sacred Marriage

I had a visit from my really good friend Chris last night. I love talking with Chris because we connect so well on an intellectual level. After a good cup of coffee and conversation Chris left and I spent the rest of the evening reflecting on some of the things we talked about.

Since Chris is looking for Mrs. Right the topic of conversation for the most part was marriage. I realize how lucky I am to have Phil and what a great marriage we have. Chris and I talked about how so often these days people are getting married for the craziest things. I see women getting knocked up right away in attempts to try and trap a man into marriage. Where is the self respect? In fact my husbands ex girlfriend tried the very same thing. I see spouses lying and cheating on their husbands and wives. Some are clueless even when its happening right in front of their noses others find the behavior acceptable and encourage it. Some fit both. I see the sacredness marriage being devalued as people are finding any carnival freak off the street and getting married because they don't want to be lonely not because they actually are in love. It's sad and it's disgusting.

Seeing all of this just makes me realize again how lucky I am to have Phil and what a wonderful example we are setting for our son. I am glad that we surround ourselves with people who have the same values and self respect. I am proud I picked a spouse who is so loving and faithful and respects me enough not to run around talking about me behind my back. Chris I really hope soon you find Mrs Right because I know you will treat her the same way Phil treats me and that your one of the few who still values the sacredness marriage.


  1. Laura I love this post ...kudos and you get 6 stars for this one! This post should be worldwide public's so sad the number has increased of pregnancies to the unwed, or the trapping part too that seems to be huge..and very pathetic ..(having a baby should be out of love) ...and few years later so many divorces ...and really did these people expect their marriage to work out? Or how bout the ones that get married just cuz they get knocked up ....I never saw this one work as of yet...

    On a personal level I could not be happier with the way my life turned out and we will have babies when we are ready...I promise Shane just has to hold on for a little while longer (as you already know with my health and the little bit of school loans we have left) plus a trip to Europe to see family I haven't seen since 96 that I would love Nate to meet (I do not want to go there barefoot and prego) but you get the point you will be one of the first to know =)

    I do not understand the whole trapping thing and I have never seen it work out yet have you? As far as meeting someone right away and getting knocked up I have seen way too many divorces result of this have the times really changed ...

    I just know your friend Chris will find his Mrs. Right and do it all the right way. It's so great that you had such an important conversation with him.

    Sorry for my rambling on I just feel really strong about this subject.


    Keep the post's coming you always have such great blog post's!

  2. typo ...I meant marriage or relationship to workout depending on the individuals situation in Meg's situation relationship...