Monday, January 9, 2012

Convenient way to buy your pet food and treats

We have a 4 pound pom (Twizzler) that loves Treats. He is very spoiled.

Last week I discovered a great website to order dog food and treats for Twizzler. is awesome. I can now order Twizzlers food and treats online and they will be shipped right to my door.

Mr Chewy offers

70+ Brands
Subscription based ordering for hassle free delivery of your favorite
Prompt shipping throughout the United States.
Free Shipping for any order over $49

I ordered Twizzler a 15.5 pound bag of his food. Which will last a long time because he is only 4 lbs he doesn't eat that much. I also ordered him 4 bags of treats and received free shipping. There were a ton of options and brands and I had some questions about my order. Mr chewy was quick to respond and very helpful. I got my order 2 days after I placed it. That's super fast.

I love that they offer Subscription based ordering. I plan to sign up for that the next time I order. Plus the fast shipping is very important.

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