Friday, June 22, 2012

Etherton Update ( New House and a New Baby )

As you have noticed, I haven't been as active on here. We have been really busy. We are in the final stages of Buying a House.

Yes we are going to be homeowners soon. We are just waiting on the title company to finish the paperwork and set a closing date. The current owners would like to be out by the end of July so it looks like we will be in there before the baby is born.

 It's a Beautiful brick 2,200 square foot home in New Baltimore with 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. I am super excited, I will be only a mile from my BFF Sherry (our kids will go to the same school :). We will be doing a ton of play dates and bbq's etc. I will also be only a few miles from 2 of my other good friends Jackie and Annette as well as a mile from the beach ( Anchor bay, part of Lake St Clair). Here are a few Pictures the current owner took. I will be posting a lot more once we are in there.
 On top of that baby will be here soon. The doctor scheduled my C-section for August 31st and an amnio for the 29th. I have to make sure the lungs are developed so an amnio before my c-section is mandatory. I am a little nervous but have faith it will all turn out good.

 August 31st is my FIL's birthday and that weekend Phil's cousin Ryan is getting married so many out of state relatives will be in town and able to meet the baby. We are super excited for baby to get here.

I have also began really showing. Here is a pic I took yesterday.
 I have baby's clothes washed and ready to move to the new house. Phil has been putting the finishing touches on the baby dresser. ( He is painting it white to match the crib). I have been working on a Quilt I am making for baby and we got Shane a new full size bed from pottery barn kids as well as a cars rug to match his cars bedding so his new room will be ready as well.

Thanks in advance to my loyal readers for hanging in there with me while I get settled :) 


  1. Congrat's again!! Very happy and excited for your family =) It's so nice out here, you will love it! Close to everything and so many young families too. It's got the small town feeling and everywhere we go everybody is so nice. We have lot's to explore together too! Looking forward to bbq's, bonfires, and many play dates and the beach days. The fish flies aren't fun but everybody says you get used to them. Can't wait to meet baby and help you get settled in your new town and home "neighbor". Here is to summer of 2012 =)

  2. Can't wait either...we are going to make so many awesome memories :)