Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Picture Las Vegas

I have always wanted to photograph Las Vegas.  I have had the pleasure of visiting there several times but was not into Photography at those times.

Las Vegas is even the home of a big Photography convention every year. Which I plan to attend in the next couple of years.

There are so many amazing things that you can photography there from the strip to the different hotel rooms.  Plus you can't forget that famous "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada" sign.

I love the fact that everything lights up so beautifully at night. All the Hotels and Casinos are so different from each other and feature some attractive features.  From specialty shows to large outdoor water features.

The Venetian has a beautiful Gondola ride where you feel like your in Venice Italy.

The Luxor looks like a pyramid from the outside and features elevators that incline at 39 degrees which makes for a really neat ride.  

The Treasure Island has a live Pirate Show several times a day. 

The hotel rooms are all decked out to attract vacationers.  For example check out this beautiful room at the Hard Rock Hotel. 

Its really a great place to visit because the Hotels make it entertaining and fun for both adults and children.  Plus all the great photo opportunities.  I am looking forward to a vacation there with my camera in hand in the near future. 

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