Monday, December 24, 2012

Educational Apps: Fun with Fine Arts, Alphabet

From Oh Factory comes a fresh new educational app that’s aimed at teaching children the alphabet while igniting their interest in the fine arts at the same time.

Art ABC is a sophisticated take on a simple concept: learn the ABC’s in order, making connections between the named letters and the sounds they represent, and use simple words to demonstrate the presence of those letters in reading and writing.

What makes Art ABC special is combining these lessons with gorgeous illustrations drawn from master painters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Renoir, Edgar Degas, and many others. Each interactive frame gives little ones a chance to explore these enriching pieces while encouraging their learning. Each “page” playfully demonstrates the world used to represent the letter in phonics and writing in a new way. Grayed-out images spring to life with vivid color as the narration demonstrates pronunciation. Parents and kids alike will adore this app.



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