Sunday, April 21, 2013

cutest girls clothing...etsy's Sunloveshirts

Looking for adorable dresses this summer for your little girl? Check out Sunloveshirts on etsy.

 About Nikki

 She is in Hawaii, and likes to think that the sunshine and easy-going happiness there influence her work. She has 2 daughters, Alyssa, 6, and Chiara, 4, and they are her best clients :-) she is originally from Europe (Austria), but has lived in Hawaii for almost 11 years now. she haa a master's in business, and her day job is working with insurance companies to get moms free breast pumps covered under the Affordable Care Act ("Obama care"). she says It's fun, but she definitely needs the creative outlet of sewing for her emotional balance!

 Jacey received a beautiful Twirl Dress from her.

 In just a few short months she will be wearing it and I can't wait. It is so adorable in person. Very well made with quality fabric and lots of love. Plus I can bet no one around here has it so it will be unique just like my beautiful red headed daughter:)

Nikki offers many beautiful dress styles and fabric options. Check out all of her adorable dresses HERE.

Next on my to buy list is this Fairy Dance dress:)