Wednesday, September 23, 2009

17 months old

In 5 days Shane will be 17 months old.  Time sure does fly. My baby isn't a baby anymore :( ... I decided on a whim this past weekend that his hair was too long.  I really do believe that boys look better with short hair. My husband is a perfect example.

So...I decided to buzz Shane's hair.  I just used the clippers that I use on my husband and added a 10mm attachment so he wasn't bald when I was finished.  It turned out awesome. He is too Handsome with his new buzz cut and now he looks even more like daddy :)

Happy 17 months old Shane your turning in to quite the little man!

P.S. As far as milestones go I just wanted to share a few of his new words. He is up to over thirty now!
Button "ba-in", Grandma "gra-ma", up, Elmo, cracker and turtle "tor-tole"

And as always his two favorite words are still Dada / Daddy and Banana.


  1. so darn cute .....and so smart ...and I love when he sings!!

  2. thanks for joining my blog too ....I will try to update as often as I can...=)