Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As today is ending I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about my mom. 20 years ago today she passed away from multiple myeloma a rare cancer for a 47 year old.

"Multiple myeloma is a cancer of your plasma cells, a type of white blood cell present in your bone marrow. Plasma cells normally make proteins called antibodies to help you fight infections.

In multiple myeloma, a group of abnormal plasma cells (myeloma cells) multiplies, raising the number of plasma cells to a higher than normal level. Since these cells normally make proteins, the level of abnormal proteins in your blood also may go up. Health problems caused by multiple myeloma can affect your bones, immune system, kidneys and red blood cell count". mayo clinic

Also 20 years ago there wasn't the technology and medicines available and so in stage 3-4 when she was diagnosed the odds were very much against her. They have progressed a lot as far as treatment but there is still no cure.

My mom was an amazing woman who never complained. She was loving and kind. She loved to shop and she loved children. She was an elementary teacher until I was born when she decided to stay home with me. She loved sweets and she loved planning and hosting parties. She had a lot of friends and was just all around fun to be around.

I miss her very much and it breaks my heart that Shane won't know her and that I didn't get the time with her I deserved. When I think about her especially on days like today I realize how lucky I am to have had such a wonderful mother and I know she is saving a spot in heaven for me when it's my time to be with God.

For those of you that are lucky enough to have your mothers still with you I hope you give them a hug and a kiss and tell them how much you love them because there are people like me who would give anything to be able to be in your shoes.

I Love You Mom


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