Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Update

We Have been busy.

Our contracts were up and so we got new phones. Samsung rogues and so far we love them. How technology advances so quickly.

Today I went grocery shopping at Costco and then I Marinated 3 racks of ribs. We will be having them for dinner tomorrow and the rest of the weekend! (Gotta love Bulk from Costco).

In House news. We reduced the price of the house another 5k in hopes to sell it soon. (please sell soon house). Oh How I long to be in Arizona.

Shane has hit Terrible 2's. He is just getting into everything and time-outs have begun to be regular around here. Typical boy interested in everything :)

I have convinced Phil to get tested to see if he has a shellfish allergy. He had what he thought was a reaction a few years ago but I'm not convinced, so instead of giving up seafood forever, I thought we should make sure first he actually is allergic. That will take place on the 13th so stay tuned for the results on that.

Also I will be adding giveaways to my blog very soon.
So ask everyone to publicly Follow my blog so that they have the opportunity to win some great stuff.
So please won't you send your friends on over :)

1 comment:

  1. GMTA the power of Rogues =)

    Good post as always hopefully your husband is not allergic to all shellfish so you can start cooking up a seafood storm!

    XoXo's =)