Wednesday, May 25, 2011

George Foreman Control Temp Grill and Griddle

I love food that is grilled and due to the fact I live in a State that experiences long winters with lots of snow it is sometimes hard or impossible to grill outside during those times. Plus who wants to start up an outside grill just to make a couple panini's.

That's where George Foreman Comes in. They offer a wide range of indoor grills that are awesome.


About this Grill
"It’s so nice to be in control. Just take the Control Temp™ Grill · Griddle, for example. You’ll be calling all the shots with time and temperature controls that let you enjoy more precise cooking results for all your favorite foods—from pork chops and skirt steak, to salmon fillets and grilled portabella mushrooms. Switch out the removable grill plates with George Tough™ nonstick coating for the griddle to whip up scrambled eggs and pancakes, knowing the Signature Foreman heating elements will ensure even heat distribution throughout. And the adjustable slope lets you lay the 100-square inch grill flat for perfect Paninis or use at an angle to effortlessly drain away fat for healthier meals. With George Foreman®, you’re the one in charge."


· 100-square inch grilling surface can easily cook up to six servings

· Power indicator light

· 30-minute timer

· Adjustable temperature control for more precise cooking results

· Ready indicator light lets you know when chosen cooking temperature has been achieved

· George Tough™ nonstick coating eliminates the need for oil or butter, prevents sticking and makes clean-up a breeze

· Two removable grill plates

· One griddle/shallow bake pan

· Signature Foreman heating elements mean even heat distribution and faster temperature recovery

· Dishwasher-safe custom drip tray for easy fat removal

· Dishwasher-safe custom spatula for easy food removal

· Large floating hinge lets you evenly grill without pressing or flattening food

· Adjustable patented sloped design to help drain away fat for a healthier meal; or lay flat for griddle use

· Platinum with black accent design

· 3-year limited warranty

Suggested Retail Price: $99.99

I love that this grill has 2 plates and a griddle. I have many options and can grill almost anything on this grill. It heats up fast and is easy to clean.

You can purchase this grill at Walmart and at