Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Bunk Beds for Shane

We are going to be moving in the near future across state to Arizona. After looking at the cost of shipping and almost passing out in shock, we have decided not to take any of our furniture.

It will be cheaper to buy all new furniture. A lot of our furniture is old and needs replacing so it is not really a bad thing. Shane also needs new bedroom furniture. He has outgrown his toddler bed and has been asking for a bunk bed. One of his friends has wooden bunk beds in his house and shane wants the same.

I don't want to spend a lot on a bunk bed for him because I know how kids are and I know in a few years the furniture will be destroyed. At this age he just doesn't understand the value of money and the importance of how to treat your furniture.

I was looking at Pine bunkbeds and really liked this one. It looks sturdy and strong and the storage underneath is a huge plus. The price is also within what we wanted to spend.

But now I am confused on what to do because hubby found this Young America loft bunk bed that comes preassembled which for him is a big bonus because he claims he will have enough with all the moving and assembly of the other furniture. It still has all the features of the first bed including the underbed storage.

It is more expensive but I think I have to agree the extra price is worth it to save us the hassle of assembly.

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  1. We got a bunk bed similar to this... It is soooooo worth the extra money having them put it together.