Friday, March 16, 2012

15 week OB appointment

So far everything is going great. I had an OB appointment today and everything looks wonderful. The babies heartbeat is very solid and strong and he is very pleased with my progress. We Thank God every day this baby is so far very healthy.

We scheduled the Gender Ultrasound for April 16th...Although, I won't be announcing it till after our "little lemon" is born, I am very excited to find out myself and begin making the quilt and shopping for baby clothes. Phil will be in the waiting room when she tells me the gender as he wants to be surprised when little lemon is born.

I also wanted to share that I may be having the baby in August. It happens to be that the day he wanted to do the C-section is Labor Day ( sept 3), so he thinks it might be best to go the Friday before 8/31/12. Unless baby decides to come sooner. Because 8/31 is over 7 days before my due date he will do an Amniocentesis to make sure little lemons lungs are fully developed. This is a standard requirement for any scheduled deliveries earlier than 39 weeks.

On a side note the 31st is my FIL birthday so we that that would be super neat that they would share a birthday. My FIL is very excited about this :)


  1. Pink or Blue you will soon know ...I hope he or she cooperates unlike Amanda's little sweetie who didn't want to quite a few times and they didn't know for sure till she was born ....

    I am pretty sure dresses and dolls and I will continue calling her sugar and spice until I find out otherwise but now I have to come up with a gender neutral nick name so I don't spill the beans to Phil. Less than a month to go ::winks:: =) <3 U