Saturday, March 10, 2012

Decisions Decisions

So much is changing for us this year and it has been rough to make the best decisions in such a short amount of time.

As you know we are expanding our family. I have always wanted to give Shane a little sister or little brother and we are so excited to complete our family in September.

Phil has been applying to many places in Arizona near and in the City of Gilbert where we want to ultimately live and raise our family. On top of the weather being beautiful all year round Gilbert is "the nation's fifth-safest city, says"
Link found here

Who wouldn't want to raise a family in the 5th safest city in the nation?

Our only problem is that we are not there and every time Phil gets a call back which has been quite a few they want us to be living there in order to interview or to offer a job. 2 places have wanted to hire him but couldn't wait the 2-3 weeks it would take us to move out there and get settled.

After many long discussions we have decided to stay here for a couple of years and then make the move. With a baby on the way in 6 months ( making it difficult for me to help move across country), Phil having a secure job and providing private health insurance and having family and good friends near by, it is the best option right now. We plan to buy a house here before the baby is born. We are going to be looking between hall road and 26 mile.

After our baby is over a year old and it is easier to make the move we will be packing up selling our house and moving to Gilbert. As a MOM I always try and make the best decisions for my children even if it means putting Arizona on hold for a year or two it will be worth it in the end.

We will also appreciate it more because we will have made it to Arizona all on our own and not because daddy gave us 100k to start a business. Oh and if you want to live in Detroit I hear there are houses for sale on NOVARA... That's a great street to raise a family...ROTFL


  1. Sometimes you have to go down a different path and make decisions but in the end the outcome will be worth it =) Be sure to defintely check the house down the road from us. It would be a perfect fit for your family of FOUR =) Will be nice to have you much closer too wherever you decide to move. I know you do the research with safe area's and schools this is one of the safest and top Elementary along with school districts in the area. Close enough to shopping but still far away that you are not right in the riff raff of the busy city. I can't lift anything heavy but would love to help unpack when you move =)

  2. I am super excited to be closer to you. Yes, I have done my research. Looking forward to finding something and getting settled before the baby gets here. would love for you to help can help me decide how to arrange Shane and the babies room. 2 educated heads are better than 1 :)