Thursday, November 29, 2012

HGG 2012 Scentchips Fragrances and Warmers

Have you heard of Scentchips?

Scentchips are the original fragrance melts.

Family owned and operated, Scentchips® began as a small endeavor and has blossomed into a product that is now available World Wide.

Scentchips pioneered the home fragrance industry by creating the fragrance melt concept over 33 years ago.  Since 1979, Scentchips® have been hand made in the original San Antonio, Texas factory, located in the historic La Villita Village.  We welcome visitors everyday to watch the production process - it's a unique experience!

In 2001, the Scentchips Full Line Store program launched with the opening of a retail store just outside of Dayton, Ohio. There are now 25 locations across the United States and Australia, with distributors in many countries around the world.

Scentchips offer a variety of warmers including
  • Plug-In
  • Electric
  • Pottery
  • Holiday
  • Tealight 

They also offer a variety of fragrances including  Create-a-Scent where you can combine and make your own. How cool is that!

I was sent a couple of warmers and 3 boxes of scents.

I really like Scentchips.  My favorite scent so far is Snowman ( a mix of peppermint and vanilla).  There are so many warmers and scents to choose from its hard to pick just a few. I really like the option to create your own scent.  When I run out of my current scentchips, I plan to order a scent I create.
Scentchips are quite strong so you don't need a lot at a time. This is great because one box will last quite a while. 

One of the other scents I received, that I really like, is the Calypso. The box that the chips come in has small holes on top allowing you to preview the scent without having to open the box.  I placed the box in my closet and the Calypso scent that escaped from the top of the box made my whole closet smell amazing. They also offer sachets which would be perfect for your closet or drawers.

You can purchase the Scentchips products online HERE or search for a store in your area using their Store Locator HERE.

They have Gift Packs on sale now for $12.95 that include your choice of fragrance and warmer, and two tea light candles all wrapped in a sachet. These would be absolutely perfect as gifts this holiday season.

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