Sunday, January 2, 2011

Personal Announcement and Question

I told most of you that My Best Friend is Pregnant with her first. We found out last Monday that it's a BOY.

I had been telling her it was a BOY since I found out she was Pregnant. Her Husband thought it was a Girl and she wasn't sure until a week before she went to the ultrasound when she had a feeling it was a Boy.

I am so Excited my Son will have a Best Friend! Welcome to Team Blue Sherry :)

I can't wait to meet him in MAY!

Did you ladies know what you were having? Was your gut right or wrong?


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  2. I knew both times, the moment I found out I was preg. I just had strong feelings, and they were right!

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    we found out at 18 weeks - a GIRL! we both thought it would be a boy, though. but life is perfect with our little diva :)


  4. Thats awesome..Im sure she is happy either way a boy or girl
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  5. Since I really wanted a girl, I expected a boy and got 3!

  6. I knew what I was having. I just had that feeling.

    Happy New Year!!

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)

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  8. I did not find out for either pregnancy.

    My first one I *knew* it was a boy - and it was. My second I *knew* it was a girl - and it was not. Seriously... when they said "It's a Boy!" when he came out I said A WHAT?!? LOL

  9. i knew for both....and everyone thought i was wrong...both times...LOL! maybe they will learn next time around - this momma is always right. :) and yes we wait to find out what we are having till the delivery room (but since i knew i stocked up on gender clothing anyways - guess it is a good thing i was right!) :)

  10. I never really had a gut feeling with my first. I just waited to find out what we were blessed with- a Girl! After that, my other 2 pregnancies felt exactly like the first so I knew they were both girls also. :)

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  12. Thank you so much!! We are so excited =) He is already loved so much and Shane is just going to adore him too. I have updates on my blog if you want to check it out too =) Love you and thanks for everything you have gotten for baby Smith, he appreciates it as we do!