Sunday, January 30, 2011

Visit to Shanes new Preschool

We were able to visit Shane's new Preschool today and get him tested as well as speak with his future teacher and aid.

Basically we were told Shane is "socially mature and academically advanced" exact words that came out of his teachers mouth. He tested at a social level of a 4 year old and an academic level of an early 5 year old with the exception he can't write his own name on paper like most 5 year olds. Which we aren't the slightest worried about since really he is only not even 3 yet.

She says he articulates (speaks) better and clearer than almost all of the 3 year olds she teaches.

They have decided to start him at the end of February in the 3 year old room for the 3 remaining months and then in September when the new school year begins and he should be the 3 year old room they will be advancing him to the 4 year old room. Technically he is not even supposed to start the 3 year old room till September as he would have had to be 3 by December but due to his advancements they chose to make an exception.

If you are thinking of putting you child in preschool I have learned that they must be 3 by September 1st to attend in September and must also be fully potty trained. There was just a mom in there that was disappointed because her son turned 3 in December and he won't be able to start till September because he was not Potty Trained. I felt really sorry for her but also it made me so proud of Shane's accomplishments.

He has been potty trained since the beginning of October when he was 2 years and 5 months old.