Friday, January 21, 2011

Surprise Trip to the ER

We had a surprise trip to the ER last night. Hubby fell and hurt his ankle. We thought for sure by the way it swelled it was a break but we were lucky to find out it was just a bad sprain. THANK GOD!

He is in an air brace and on crutches.

I can say that the ER we went to was awful. It took 2 hours to get us seen by the nurse. They kept promising we were 2 from next then next and 10 people many with way minor injuries were called. It would have been longer but I threatened the manager with calling my insurance company and the Hospital service excellence team and then all of a sudden we were in and out.

Needless to say we will not be using that ER again but are thankful the outcome was that he only has a sprain.


  1. ER's are always horribly slow - especially when you have non-life threatening issues...

    Hopefully the sprain heals quickly!

  2. I have ER horror stories, too. I try to avoid the ER like the plague.

  3. So sorry about your hubby.
    Visiting from the Friday blog hop. So nice to meet you. Nancy

  4. So Sorry.

    New follower...would love to have you follow back!

  5. I'm glad he's okay. I found your blog through say hi sunday, and I'm a new follower. I hope you'll follow back.

  6. I went through something very similar to this with my boyfriend-he swore it was broken but turned out to be a bad sprain. He got a shot in the booty and within minutes was walking on it.