Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I wanted to introduce you to a great new software I found called Fotobounce. Fotobounce is a great way to share pictures in a private peer to peer network of "bouncers" (composed of friends and family)which is local to your computer (not a website storage site or website photo sharing site).

This is great for those individuals worried about security but still has the option to share online if you wish to do so.

Not only that but Fotobounce has a number of awesome features including

-Built-in face recognition that lets you tag your photos with ease
-The ability to Organize your photos by People in addition to Collections, Events and Places
-Facebook, Flickr and AirSet integration
-View photos from your mobile device
-Facebook & Flickr Friendly – Without Re-tagging if you choose to share online you can do so to facebook and flickr effortlessly.
- Allows sharing On Twitter (Fotobounce is the only solution in the industry that allows an entire album to be attached to a single tweet.)
- PC and Mac compatible

There are just some pictures of my son that I do not want to post on the internet but do want to share with family. I love Fotobounce because I can share those photos safely with just the people I choose.

You can download Fotobounce FREE Ad Supported or Ad free for only $49

Download Fotobounce here

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