Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My cousin who is like my sister was sent to the hospital Monday night to be induced she is 40 weeks. To make a long story short they had tons of emergency deliveries so they didn't even start trying to induce till Tuesday (yesterday) morning. They gave her medicine directly on her cervix and then pitocin. She never dilated past a 2 so they decided to send her home and she is to follow up with her OB on Thursday (tomorrow).

I have never heard of this till now. Has any of you ever had this happen or know someone who this happened to? What do you think they will do?


  1. I didn't have it happen to me, but my doctor basically told me that's what would happen to me if they had tried to induce me. I ended up being 10 days late with my 1st and 9 days late with my 2nd (both times going into labor on my own) because they couldn't have I didn't want them to, so it worked out great (for me)! :-) Maybe she'll have to wait to go into labor on her own as well?

  2. The baby is safe until 42 weeks, so it's nothing to worry about too much. If she wants to speed things up, there are some methods she can try, like walking, walking, walking.

  3. My daughter was a few weeks past her due date so the doctor decided to put her in the hospital and induce labor. Well, they induced labor for 3 days and she still didn't have any labor pains or dilate. So, they had to do a C Section. Everything went fine with it thank GOD!

  4. Hello, I am a new follower from Friendly Friday. I am a fan of waiting until baby comes on their own as well. A lot of hospitals just want to do inductions because they can speed up the process and turn around. Delivering babies has become such a numbers game with hospitals get them in, delivered and out. More babies more money. So sad.
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  5. I never heard of this happen until you told me. However I guess it makes sense if mommy and baby are doing fine to wait a little longer since it was her due date....a little longer shouldn't hurt. As you know I went past 10 days and finally got induced. They start to look for reasons to do inductions. It's good they have all the monitoring options too. It's important for NST's and ultrasounds to check amniotic fluid level. I hope she doesn't end up having to have a C-Section and will go naturally on her own =)