Sunday, August 14, 2011

What Color will your future Kid's Eyes Be?

I have Brown eyes and My husband has Green. My mom has Green eyes so I know I am a carrier of Green eyes but I always wondered what the odds were of my kids having Green eyes since I think they are so beautiful.

I found a great site while browsing for fun last night that after inputting our eye colors and our parents eye colors told me what my chances are of producing a Child with each color.

Here are my results.

Shane ended up with my Brown eyes but it is cool to know Baby #2 has a 43.7 percent chance of having Green eyes. I think that's pretty good odds :)

In case your interested in seeing your results HERE is the Site.

THIS WAS NOT SPONSORED...I just thought it was super cool and wanted to Share :)

Feel free to leave me a comment letting me know your results or how accurate they were if you already have kids!


  1. Very fun site =) I hope your baby #2 has green eyes!! We did this too when I was pregoo and 99% got blue 1% green if he ends up with brown eyes we will be really surprised.

  2. Ok, I tried this and i know my family is well, complicated.... but my bio mom has brown eyes, and my bio dad has hazel. How do you get hazel on the chart???? anyway, my eyes are blue/grey. It won't let me enter it, saying brown+ hazel/brown=??? not blue/gray!

  3. it's pretty accurate for us anyway. My hubby has blue eyes and I have mostly blue eyes (one is half-brown). All three of our kiddos have blue eyes and I fully expect our coming baby to have blue eyes as well. If brown eyes show up, hubby may be suspicious of the UPS man. (heehee just kidding)

  4. I think you just have to use brown for hazel and lol on the UPS MAN.