Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday GG 2011 Progressive International kitchen Gadgets and Tools

Have you heard of Progressive International? If your a Kitchen novoice or a professional chef or know someone who is you must check out Progressive Kitchen Gadgets and tools.

I love to cook as most of you know already. I cook dinner 5-6 times a week from scratch. I wanted to tell you about some of my favorite Kitchen tools from Progressive that have made my cooking so much more fun and enjoyable as well as saved me time.

The perfect Burger Press

This is a 3 piece set that makes a perfect 6oz burger. It features a non-slip handle and non-skid feet. It has an insert that created a dimple in the middle of the burger. This is done so that the burger cooks evenly and does not swell in the center when cooked. You can lift the burger right out and flip it right on the grill or pan. It is dishwasher safe. Available on Amazon for $5.99 worth every penny!

The Flour keeper

I used to have a mess of flour everywhere every time I needed flour for my recipes which was at least 3-4 days a week. Now I have the The flour keeper and I just love it. It has a built in leveler for precise measuring, an air tight seal that keeps the flour fresh, stores up to 5lbs and is dishwasher safe. I don't know how I ever lived without it. Available on Amazon for $17.97

The Garlic Chopper

I am half Lebanese and to say we eat and cook with a lot of garlic is an understatement. It always time consuming to chip up garlic cloves but the Garlic chopper changes all of that. It does contain a lot of parts but quickly and easily chops up garlic. It does a great job and even includes an integrated spoon for easy removal of the chopped garlic. It is also dishwasher safe. Available on amazon for $12.99

The mini fine Grater

The perfect extra sharp fine grater for Parmesan, garlic, citrus, chocolate and more. It comes with a protective cover making it safe for storage and is dishwasher safe. Always a handy tool to have. Available on amazon for $5.99

Progressive International makes so many nice Kitchen Gadgets and tools you must check them out and add your favorite tools and gadgets to your holiday list this season.

Then, use coupons to keep all your gadgets in order.


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